How to Select the Best Android Phone Case

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Choosing your smartphone is one problem, getting a case for your phone is another, Select The Best Android Phone Case,  today there are varieties of smartphones cases that you can select from.

Many people complain a lot after getting themselves a phone case, probably the case wasn’t what they thought it would be, their smartphone could have rejected the case or even worse.

Select the Best Android Phone Case

Tips to Select the Best Android Phone Case

Since there are many phone case available choosing the best case for your phone could be difficult.

The following should be considered while making a selection for your phone case.

1. Price.

The cost matters a lot when making a selection, it is very important to have the idea of the phone case and if you are a student or still depend on your parents you may want to go for the cheaper and more attractive ones.

Your pocket also determines your phone case, probably you saved for long to buy a phone, you can’t spend the same time trying to get money\ for a case.

But for the working class, you’ll want to go for the more attractive and expensive ones.

The case either the attractive or less attractive serve the same purpose – protecting and beautifying your phone.

2. Smartphone Model.

The smartphone model also matters a lot when making a choice. You are expected to keep the phone model in mind while making a selection, every phone model has a unique structure.

Select the Best Android Phone Case

For instance, the Infinix hot 4 pro has a fingerprint scanner on the home key while the tecno camon x has its at the back.

Therefore using the case of techno camon cx on infinix hot 4 pro will just make it difficult for you to use.

It is advisable to you take your phone along while getting a new case to prevent avoidable mistakes.

3. Phone usage and care.

Select the Best Android Phone Case


People are different even in the way they handle their devices, people who drop their device anyhow without minding where it lands.

I recommend serious protection for your device, if you are the careful type you just need a slight protection for your device therefore you won’t spend much.

Others, I recommend the 360 degree case for your device, it offers all round protection for your phone. The 360 degree case I use for my device came with a screen guard.

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4. Features of the case.

Select the Best Android Phone Case

The features of the case you want is left for you to decide. There are lots of designs available in the market, some case are heavy, light, flat, big, etc.

The ladies who love flashy ones can go for it, the choice is your responsibility.

You should also consider getting a screen protector for your phone, there are situations your phone case won’t be able to guard your screen.

Especially if your screen fall facing down, screen protector should be your number one priority before the case, with N1,500 you should get a good screen protector (screen guard).

It cost little to guard and more to repair, consider getting a phone case and guard to

prevent avoidable situations.

The smartphone serves us well therefore deserves to be cared for.

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