How to Send Text Messages from PC Web Browser

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Google just made a new feature available to Android Smart phone users, with the help of these feature. Android users can send text messages directly from their web browser. The feature has some similarities with Apple iMessage. There is no more limitations to sending messages as you can now send text messages to anybody on your phone contact from your Laptop or Desktop computers.

This feature was launched this week and the is available on all Android versions. Wherever you are, be it home, school or work, you can now send SMS without the help of your smart phones.

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Just as Apple iPhone users who have the iMessage app running, you can now easily send text messages from your Laptop or Desktop computer without any use of your phone.

Send Text From your Computer via Messages For Web

Below steps will be your guide while Sending Messages from your Laptop or Desktop Web Browser without the help of your Android Device.

  • Download and Install the “Android Messages app” from Google Play.
  • Follow the Step by step instructions by Google.
  • From your Laptop/Desktop Browser go to
  • A QR code will be made available on your screen just as the below picture.
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    • Go to Android Messages on Your device .
    • On the Top Right Corner, you’ll see menu button. Hit the botton.
    • Choose “Messages for Web” from the options.
    • After that Select/Tap the “Scan QR Code” option.
    • Face your Android Smart device on your Laptop/Desktop Screen to Scan the QR code.
    • After the Code is scanned successfully, you’ll be able to access your Messages from your Laptop.


    Of course it is fast and easy to use, you can now send messages to everyone in your device phone book via your Computer. The usual multimedia messages features are included.

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