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Girls often think it is the responsibility of their boyfriends to show them love, care and affection, what they fail to realize is that guys also can use a little concern.

Show boyfriend love

Making a guy feel good doesn’t require any expertise or too much stress.

In this part of the world guys are seen to be responsible for pleasing the girls while they neglect how he feels in return.

Guys propose love to the girl and wait to be either accepted or rejected depending on the girl’s feelings for him and if accepted the guy will literally be in heaven.

This makes it look as if guys are the “pleasers” and girls are the “choosers.” But the truth is with time (once the relationship matures) guys also expect to be pleased in return.

Ways to Show My Boyfriend I Love Him.

The truth is showing love to your boy friend does not require much from you, guys are too easy to please.


This article will reveal the simple tips on how to show boyfriend you love and care about him.

1. Be Submissive to His Choices Once in a While.

Show boyfriend love 23Guys love it when they think they dominate their relationship but in the real sense girls are in-charge of the decisions.

Girls brag about having control over her boyfriends decisions and how they can make their boyfriends choose their (girl’s) decisions over his own.

But if you want to show your boyfriend you care being a little submissive will do the job, allow him make the choices and also support the choice. This will show how special he is to you.

The truth is if you are submissive to your boyfriend he will love you, being submissive to what he desires and needs.

2. Get Him Surprise Gifts.

Show boyfriend love36Don’t just be on the collecting side, you too can be the giving one. Guys like it when you get them something unexpectedly just as girls.

You must not wait till it is valentine, birthday, Christmas or any occasion before you get him a gift. Doing it without any occasion makes him special.


Most a times guys share their problems and wants with their girlfriends. You can decide to buy him something you know he needs or desires, he will definitely appreciate it and feel cared for.

One of the ways of showing how much you love someone is through giving.

3. Pleasure Him the Way He Likes.

Show boyfriend love 32Love can be expressed through physical intimacy, guys love it when you pleasure them s3xually.

You must know how he likes it and try to give it to him the way he wants, try to be a bit spontaneous.

Try new things and approaches, do not pleasure your boyfriend because he asked of it or you think you have to, but do it with a sense of love.

4. Help Him with Home Making.

Show boyfriend love - 69Guys like girls who are good at arranging and organizing the home, they love it when the girl is a good “home maker“.

Make out time to help him care for his home, you may decide to spend the weekend with him and use the time to arrange his home.


Organizing his room goes a long way to express your love for him, you may decide to buy wall decorations and other beautiful designs on your way.

His Kitchen and wardrobe are places you may choose to arrange.
During your stay, prepare him a nice meal.

Guys love it when their girlfriends cook for them especially when they do the dishes and prepare the meal together.

5. Be Understanding even When He Acts Difficult.

Show boyfriend love 25Whenever your boyfriend ask to be left alone no matter how concerned you are let him be at that moment. Don’t ask him any further questions, allow him for that moment.

Try to understand your boyfriend. Try to be patient and loving even when he overreacts, but not in a stupid way.

Later he will appreciate you for being understanding. To make your boyfriend feel loved is easy like I earlier said just be kind and affectionate.

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