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The Poultry Farm.

One of the most lucrative farming business you can do anywhere in the world is poultry farming.

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If properly managed and established, you can earn lump sum profit from the business as Poultry products, ( eggs, meat and feathers) are consumed daily on a large scale (quantity).

In Nigeria, poultry farmers are not enough to cater for the country’s need.

Technically, there is vacancy in the field.

Eggs are demanded on a large amount on a daily basis, with this high demand of egg, consumers’ needs are not often met.

In Nigeria, it has been estimated that over 160 million consumers purchase poultry related products daily.

With low supply and high demand of poultry product, the price imbalance will be definitely paid by the consumers.

This article will be your guide on how to start poultry farming in Nigeria.

Why should you venture into poultry Business?

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1. Birds Reproduce Fast.

The layers (a chicken specie know for mass egg production) can lay about 325 eggs in a year.

They can lay eggs on daily basis or atleast 4times a week.

They have the ability to reproduce twice in three days.

For instance, if about 500 heathy layers are under your care, you are expected to get about 12,000 chicks within one months and some days (maybe ten).

2. Birds Grows Very Fast.

Chicken eggs hatch after 21 days and the chicks becomes marketable after 28weeks (7months).

The chicken begins to fetch money after 34 weeks (9 months). This outcome can be doubled in a year based on this calculation.

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3. Poultry Birds sell at good price.

Here in Nigeria, a completely grown chicken is sold for about N4,000 to N6,500 naira depending on your location.

Lets do some calculations, if the total amount of chicken produced on your farm was 9,000 the possible out come after sales should be about N36 million.

4. High demand for eggs.

Aside the meat, the egg is another source of making money, the price for a crate of egg ranges from N800 – N1,200 depending on your location and size of eggs.

Each crates accomodates for 30 eggs, therefore if you have layers 400 layers.

They are expected to lay about 10,000 eggs in a month.

If sold in the market, you are expected to receive a total revenue of N270,000 – N400,000 monthly.

How to plan a Poultry business.

The profit and turnover gotten from poultry products is indeed mouth watering.

The business plans below should assist and guide you on establishing a successful poultry farm.

1. The Type of Poultry Bird.

There are varieties of poultry birds available, the turkey, chicken, goose, duck, etc.

The chicken (Layers and broilers) is where our discussion will focus. Choose from the varieties and species of the poultry bird.

2. Specialization is needed.

To be successful, specialization is needed not only in poultry business, in other businesses too.

Make a list of all aspect of poultry and make a choice of speciality. Specialization makes concentration possible and it is professional. You can specialize in two areas.

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The following niches could be of great help.

  1. Layers Breeding. (egg production)
  2. Broilers breeding (Meat production)
  3. Hatchery (breeding chicken for the purpose of Hatching new chicks)
  4. Poultry feed (producing feeds for other poultry farmers).

3.Chose your Location.

The location for establishing your poultry farm is determined by your capital (the money used to start a business).

The urban and rural areas are determined by the amount of money available for investment.

Urban areas will be expensive as the rural area will be relatively cheap.

The rural area with a good means transportation is the ideal location because of the absense of regulatory agencies and the availability of cheap labour.

Note. Government policies kick against establishing poultry farms near residential areas due to healt implications.

4. Raise Poultry Farm Starting Capital.

Your preffered location gives you an idea of the required capital to start.

Make a list of the required amount of investment and capital required to back it and the available sources for obtaining the capital.

If you don’t have enough sources start from where you can at the moment.

Setting Up Your Poultry Farm.

Establishing the business with the help of your business plan.

The following will be your guide on setting up your poultry farm in Nigeria.

Since you have proper knowledge of the business already, why the delay begin your own farm.

1. Get a land for your Poultry farm.

Rural locations with accessible roads should be your priority as earlier stated.

But be sure it is a stone throw to the city. In Nigeria I think you should consider areas like Ijebu Ode, Oshogbo, Oyo town, Badagry.

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These locations are not far from the city. Acres of land are cheap in rural areas depending on the location, sellers and urgency.

2. Build your Poultry Pen Structure.

After getting a land for the Poultry, your birds need a home.

Housing is very essential for effective management and keeping of any kind of bird.

The scale of production determines the type of building and management system adopted.

The following are the commonly used poultry house in the country.

  1. Deep litter.
  2. Battery

3. Start with a Day Old Chick.

Get healthy day old chicks from any Hatchery of choice.

The price range should be from N150 – N250 depending on your location.

Then start your farming business with your day old chicks.

The following items will be needed to set up your poultry farm,
Feeders, Drinkers, Perches, Nests, Crates, Lighting system, Waste disposal system, Incubator, Heaters or brooders, Egg tray, Cages etc.

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