How To Start Catfish Farming Business In Nigeria (Plans & Techniques)

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Catfish farming in Nigeria is one of the fastest growing farming in the country. Catfish accounts for one of the most consumed fishes in the Nigeria. Many Young farmers in the country neglect catfish business. Unknown to them there are many financial opportunities associated with the business. Catfish farming is among the most profitable fish farming in the country. Due to their high survival rate catfish business could be started at your backyard. Starting a catfish farm in Nigeria requires capital which is based on the scale which you want to invest. Either the small-scale or large-scale.
This article will be an eye opener and enlighten you more on catfish business in Nigeria. I’ll focus our discussion on the complete guide to investing in catfish farming in Nigeria.

The biggest catfish farm in Nigeria

The biggest catfish Farm in Nigeria is located at F.C.T Abuja. The Jigna Farms is a well-designed fish ponds in Nigeria. The ponds have the capacity to accommodate about five hundred thousand tonnes of table-sized fresh catfish every 5 months. Jigna Farms has the capacity to provide fresh catfish in the whole of Abuja.
The catfish farm was started 15 years ago by Engr Ad’Obe Obe. The farmer also happened to be a retired journalist and generation chemical engineers. The Fish farm was named after River Jigna, which flows over the land. As the river made provision for the fresh water used for farming.
Jigna Farms has about 42 water-recycling ponds and two lakes. Each of them accommodates over 200,000 fishes. At this rate the farm can make provision of about 1.5 million metric tonnes of catfish yearly.

The Consumption of Catfish in Nigeria.

how to do catfish farming in nigeriaAccording to research carried out by Premium Times, “Nigerian consume 3.2 million tonnes of fish every year”. 6 out of every 10 Nigerians consume catfish daily in one way or the other; dried, smoked, cooked, roasted etc. Researches have proven that the demand of catfish in the country is far lower than its production. Catfish is one of the affordable fishes in Nigeria and is Generally eaten in households, hotels, fast food joints, bar, etc.
In Nigeria,catfish is popularly called “POINT and KILL” in restaurants and bars. You point at your preferred fish and its prepared either as pepper soup or grilled with pepper. Catfish farming in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. The business doesn’t need experience or skills as you get familiar with the business as you take part in it. The business can be done by both the educated and non-educated.
Already into the business?
Go nowhere you can also gain more knowledge from this latest news.  Learn one or two catfish farming techniques in Nigeria provided in this article. Also research personally on how to start catfish farming in Nigeria. The major aim for any business is to maximize profit. There is currently less competition in the country therefore much money is expected from the business.

FAQ on how to start Catfish business in Nigeria

Many questions would be in your mind to ask. Today we’ll focus on the common questions asked. For more questions use the comment section. I’ll try to answer the questions.
Q. How much start-up capital is required to start the business?
A. Setting up a catfish farm in Nigeria, requires capital based on the scale you have in mind. Capital, the money you used to start a business, is determined by the size of the business. Either a “small or large scale“. Your decision should be based on your current capital. No matter the scale the business is still profitable.
Q. How do I face competitions when many farmers are in the business?
A. The amount of people around you does not matter, what matters is the quality of output. Stand out and create a unique brand and I assure you people will patronize you. Although catfish farmers relatively small in number.
Q. How do I create market for my business?
A. I advise you join catfish farmers association of Nigeria (CAFAN) in your locality or catfish farmers forum Nigeria online. The members will enlighten you more on the system, price, season, buyers, and problems of catfish farming in Nigeria . Commercial catfish-farming in Nigeria needs to close to the potential buyers.
Q. What is the required estimated amount of labour (workers)?
A. The amount of labour to employ depend on the scale (either large or small scale).

Business Plan to start catfish business in Nigeria

Catfish farming just like other business requires certain facilities to be effective. Some facilities need to be adopted to manage the business. The important facilities include;

Favorable Location and a good Land

The location where you place your business should be thoroughly checked. Ensure it is favorable to the business, close to the market or industry, not on flood path, free form external threats, and the like. The land where the pond will be dug or placed depending on your method should be thoroughly examined.
Land is one of the most important facilities but the size of land depends on what you can afford. For a small scale farm 1.5 square meters by 1.5 square meters space can be used. But ensure you expand the land/pond whichever the case maybe. The larger the quantity of fish, the larger the return. You may start with half plot of land.

The Fish Ponds

Constructing your pond should be with the help of an expert. In as much as getting the land is your duty, the construction of the pond is not yours to do. Hire an expert for both the plumbering and construction.
Any slight error could lead to a greater loss in the business, the ponds an either be plastic or concrete. You can be of great help to your business and yourself by seeking for an expert’s help when needed.

The overhead Tanks

Water is a very important necessity for fishes (both survival and production). The supply of water to the pond must be uninterrupted. This is why the tanks are employed, the overhead tanks serve as “water reservoir for the fishes. The tanks could be independent or connected to the domestic boreholes.
Ensure the water is totally free from any chemicals (either for purification or otherwise) as they could be a threat to health of the fishes. I recommend the tanks should be left independent for more safety.


Fingerlings can be gotten from many farms. But the since you are still new to the business seek the help of a farming expert or specialist (especially in fingerlings). The catfish fingerlings are of different breeds (species). The fast growing, disease resistant breeds, and more. You don’t want to make the wrong choice. Consult the help of the specialist to get full details on each breeds would be given thereby making it easier for selection.


Setting up a catfish farm in Nigeria requires basic knowledge of the business. Starting a catfish farm in Nigeria demands you know few things about the business. Knowledge of the business could still be developed as the business progress. Knowledge they say is “key to success”. The business doesn’t require previous knowledge or experience to be successful. You can start the business and then carry out researches on a regular basis. If the first trial was successful. The next is to develop the knowledge you have about the business, but if reverse is the case, try more.
You can decide to go for a two – six months catfish farming training in Nigeria depending on you. You can employ the service of a specialist for the first year (recommended).

Possible risks involved in Catfish business in Nigeria.

Problems and challenges of catfish farming in Nigeria. The catfish business also face risks just as other farm businesses in the country. The following risk may occur during the production period.
Difficult Maintenance. The catfish farm (fish farm generally) is relatively difficult than other farms in the country. The cost of maintenance is difficult compared to other Farming system.
Losses. In every business, loss should be expected. But little mistakes could result to a great loss in the business profit. Therefore the business requires every atom of carefulness it can use.
Marketing Difficulty. Marketing your fishes could be difficult depending on your location. Fishes caught from rivers and other fresh water are priced higher than the tamed fishes. Selling the fishes could be more difficult as a result. Thus, if there are many fishermen in your locality marketing your fishes could be a little difficult.
Diseases. Fishes also suffer from diseases just like other farm animals. Whenever you notice anything unusual don’t try to solve it yourself, seek the help of a doctor.
Relatively Expensive. Cost of starting a catfish farm in Nigeria is expensive compared to other farming system. Establishing a fish farm requires a large amount of capital.

Benefits associated with Catfish Farming

The benefits of catfish farming in Nigeria is immeasurable but I’ll mention a few. Like I earlier said, catfishes are consumed in large quantity in the country. This creates a market for fish in the country. Below are some benefits of fish farming in Nigeria.
  • The demand of catfish is high in the country.
  • Catfish becomes marketable faster than most farm animals.
  • Fishes are often purchased in large amount.
  • The use of fish products in the country is high.
  • Catfishes are relatively priced higher.

How to improve your knowledge in catfish farming in Nigeria

The best way to improve your knowledge on catfish business is by carrying out researches. Both personal researches and co-operative researches count. Below are sources of research for catfish business in Nigeria.
1. YouTube Videos: YouTube videos are good sources to gain proper knowledge of the business. You get important information by watching and learning from other people’s shared experiences. videos of catfish farming in Nigeria will be of great help.
2. Nairaland Forum: This is a platform to meet other experienced catfish farmers nationwide. In Nairaland, there are threads and topics you can follow and ask questions.
3. Pdf files. There are many Pdf and doc files online that will be of great assistance improving your knowledge on catfish farming. Most of them are free while some demand to be bought. Search for the below pdf files
  • catfish farming in Nigeria pdf
  • all about catfish farming in Nigeria pdf
  • catfish farming business plan in Nigeria pdf
  • complete guide to investing in catfish farming in Nigeria pdf
  • feasibility study on catfish farming in Nigeria pdf
  • how to start catfish farming in Nigeria pdf
4. Catfish farmers Association of Nigeria: Becoming a member of can improve your knowledge on the business. As the members discuss the profitability, favorable conditions, challenges, investment opportunities, etc.
5. Catfish farming training in Nigeria: Get trained in the field by professionals with better experiences.

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