How To Start Grasscutter Farming Business In Nigeria (Beginner’s Guide)

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Grasscutter farming is one of the fastest growing animal business in Nigeria and Africa at large. The physical appearance of a grasscutter is similar to a smaller porcupine. Grasscutter farming business in Nigeria comes with loads of benefits. You may want to know how lucrative the business is, how to start, how profitable, challenges of, this article will cover them all.

This farming is very lucrative and profitable. Requires no special knowledge of the business and can be started by both the educated and non-educated members of the society. The market is available all over Africa and beyond, you can even begin to export your grasscutter to other countries. The grasscutter grows fully into an adult and reproduce quickly.

Popular FAQ on Grasscutter farming answered in this article

complete guide to grasscutter farming

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Reasons why you should consider being a Commercial Grasscutter farmer

The rate of reproduction – The grasscutter reproduces at a very fast rate coupled with a good number of offsprings. The adult female grasscutter carries a pregnancy for about 4-5 months and produces about four to seven young ones. In some cases the count is extended to ten.

The growth rate of young one – The young grasscutter grows fast and big if well-fed. The animal becomes marketable when it weighs about 3.5kg and 4.5kg for the male and female respectively and 45cm to 60cm in body length.

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The demand for grasscutter – The animal is consumed on a large quantity yearly, but the supply is from the wild. The animals are hunted and caught in traps in bushes, you can begin grasscutter farming to increase the supply. The price of the animal will go down a bit when many people venture into the business.

The market for grasscutter – The market for grasscutter is beyond Nigeria as the meat is consumed all over West Africa. In Nigeria, the price of an adult grasscutter is N4,000 – N5,000 depending on your location. That means 500 grasscutter could earn you a total revenue of about N2 million to N2.75 million

Guidelines on how to start grasscutter farming in Nigeria

Building a grasscutter pen – The grasscutter pen should be built to make the animal feel comfortable. Animals try to escape if they’re not feeling safe or comfortable. Build the pen separating the place where to eat from where to sleep and play. They can be bred in cages or in houses built and designed for them. They are sensitive to good habit, therefore for a colony, the cage or house should be about 180 cm long, 60cm wide and 45 cm tall.

Factors to be considered while building a grasscutter pen

  • Easy movement of animals.
  • Build three chambers in the house, where to eat, feed and play.
  • Build separately for each colony.
  • Build to protect animals from bad temperature and threats.

Setting up a colony – The grasscutter lives in colony. The colony is composed of three females and a male grasscutter. The capacity of your pen determines on the amount of colony you want to start with. Two adult male grasscutter should not be placed together, they don’t live together.

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Breeding the Grasscutter – The animal is reared mainly for their meat, therefore the animal should be properly catered for to ensure a healthy growth. Each colony must have a very strong and healthy male because the male is needed for reproduction. The weight of the animal is an indicator of how healthy the animal is. When selecting your grasscutters for starting a colony ensure the animals are healthy. You can go alone with an experienced farmer or a vet. doctor to assist select the grasscutters.

Grasscutter Farming – The Building must be able to shelter the colonies from bad temperature. And must be built to guard them from predators such as cats, snakes, dogs, etc. The site must be located where supervision can be easily carried out. Ants such as the solider ants are a great threat to these animals. Therefore apply insecticides around the pen to scare the ants away, the black engine oil will do the job. The floor should be covered with dry soft grasses or saw dust to provide a soft cushy play ground. The dust will prevent direct contact with the cold ground.

Grasscutter and cold environment – The animals must be left in a temperate room or cage leaving them in a place not too cold or hot. The animals can survive any temperature suitable for man.

Feeding The Grasscutters – The grass cutters are herbivorous in nature – animals that feed on herbs and leafy food. The elephant grass or Napier grass is one of the food these animals enjoy eating. Other food includes Congo grass, guinea grass, gamba grass, groundnut, rice, maize, grain legume, tubers like cassava, sweet potato. Proper feeding and hygiene are the major factors for a successful animal husbandry. The use of “broiler starter” feeds or “broiler finisher” feeds help them gain more size and weight over a short period.

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The Weaning Period and Time – Young grasscutter can be weaned between four to eight weeks after birth if properly fed and kept under a healthy condition. They can still remain with their mother for as long as four months as family after which the female can be placed with a male to mate them and vice versa. The weaned animals can mate at the age of even to eight months from birth. Indefinite mating is expected to have occurred when the weaned male is about seven months and the female eight.

The indefinite mating period occurs within 140 days, after about 160 days of separation from the male, and if no pregnancy was observed, return to male for a proper mating.

The Market For Grasscutter – The demand for Grasscutter’s meat is beyond Nigeria, West Africa and probably Africa as a whole. If produced in a very large-scale for commercial purpose, the grasscutter meat could be exported to neighboring countries.

How to improve your skills as a beginner

  • Joining a grasscutter farmers association in Nigeria.
  • Reading more and more articles on the subject.
  • Streaming YouTube videos on the subject.
  • Reading pdf and doc files on the complete guide to Grasscutter Business in Nigeria.
  • Downloading Free Manual on grasscutter farming in Nigeria.

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