How to stay awake all night – 7 Healthy tips to stay up all night

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Stay awake, alert and active all night. They say nature you can’t cheat nature, is that really true? What if you have an urgent business at hand, will you? There are situations that demands urgent attention during the night.

Stay awake all night

Learn: How to stay awake all night by following the easy tip below.

Sometimes we need to work or read throughout the night but don’t know how to as we continuously fall asleep. For instance you have a project to be submitted next week and you are still working on the first chapter, you’ll find ways to be up all Night.

Your pattern of sleep affects the way you think, feel and behave the following day, staying up all night is fighting the natural order. When there is darkness the brain release melatonin (A hormone that makes you drowsy and sleepy), therefore fighting this natural force is not easy and you need backup to do that effectively.

Tips to Stay Awake all through the Night.

This article will help with the “Stay up all Night tips” but depriving yourself sleep comes with a price as it can affect your focus and ability to learn. Well, if you really need to stay up all night then do it safely with these tips;

1.Constant Practice

This is one of the easiest way of staying up the whole Night. This takes some time though but it still possible. The first time (day) is usually the hardest as you’ll feel too dizzy and drowsy, but with time the body will adapt.
Especially, if you work at night or having an exam soon, give your body some time to adjust. Make sure to get enough sleep in dark rooms during the day.

2. The Use of Caffeine

Caffeine is very helpful when it comes to staying up and alert at night as it fights the natural substance I mentioned earlier which makes you feel sleepy. The use of caffeine keeps you alert all through the night. With the right measurement (600mg), caffeine can boost your thinking ability at the same time, taking excess (900mg) of it could result to anxiety and shakiness making it difficult to concentrate.

To stay up all Night you don’t need too much coffee as it could also result to other symptoms such as “stomach upset”. About one or two cups of coffee is enough for the night.

3. No to energy drinks.

Energy drinks can’t keep you up all night as they posses too much amount of caffeine. The caffeine content in energy drinks is equivalent to one-five cups of coffee, not only that, guarana (an ingredient that contains caffeine) is also found in energy drinks. So you see, the caffeine content is much higher than it appears.

Due to the high level of caffeine it becomes difficult to concentrate and focus through the night. Ingesting too much amount of caffeine can be toxic especially when mixed with drugs and/or alcohol.

4. Nap.

Taking a nap at interval throughout the night may be of help. Though, taking a nap can’t be compared to full night sleep but still short naps at night can be of great help in keeping you alert.

Based on research carried on night-shift workers, naps drastically reduce drowsiness and boost work performance.

During your break at night shift, try to get about 15-20 mins of sleep probably during the break hour. Make sure your “alarm is set” to wake you in due time or have someone help, but with constant practice you’ll get used to the system.

5. Exercise.

Regular exercises assist you maintain/keep a sleep schedule but exercises should be avoided late at night because exercises make sure our body produce lot of energy and therefore keep you awake all night.

Are you staying up? Why not engage in about 30-40 minutes of aerobic exercises. or just stand up and move around for a while or do a few jumping jacks.

6. Remain in bright light.

If you have been following, I mentioned earlier that the brain releases melatonin which is responsible for sleep in dark places/situation.

But studies have it that using bright lights at night would reset the circadian rhythms as it creates day like appearance at night. But you must have created darkness during the day by sleeping in a dark place.

Get a lap or bulb that can light up every corner in the room. These should be of great help keeping you awake, smart and alert through the night.

7. Take a bath.

Having a good cold or warm bath can keep you active through the night especially if you go for it when you feel tired or dizzy.

You can just splash water on your face or brush your teeth if you don’t want to bathe the whole body.

Please Note:

To Stay awake through the night is not healthy and should only be done when there is no option B. Try to get enough sleep the following day.

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