How to Subscribe to MTN NG Internet Data Plans

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MTN Data Plan Subscription

MTN NG is among the first three service providers in Nigeria due to its fast and reliable data network. Although the MTN NG data subscription is a bit expensive, the MTN network got it self a unique and transparent service.

subscribe to data bundle on MTN

Complaints got to my notice that some Network Providers offer far cheaper data plans but subscribers can account how they used the plans. Now people, what do you go for, Quality or Quantity?

This is currently the Android era when data is needed more unlike the Java era when 10MB could be used for a week or two. Looking for the perfect data subscription for your Android device? People use data differently, some are heavy Data users, while some are not.

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The subscription you go for should base on your data usage, you must not subscribe to the monthly plan if you use about 2GB in 4-5 days. Why not subscribe to the weekly 1GB for N500 it pays more. Is it not better to spend N2,000 on 4GB than N4,000 on 6GB?

How to subscribe to MTN 1GB for N500

To subscribe to MTN NG 1GB for N500 weekly package,

  • On your MTN line dial *123*3#.
  • A pop-up message will follow, select 1 (Buy Data Plans).
  • Another will follow select 2 (Weekly Plans).
  • Select the “750MB weekly plan“.
  • Confirm.
  • Good!!! You’ve subscribed to the Weekly Data Plan valid for a week.

Note: 750MB will be displayed but after subscription you discover it is 1GB.

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Other MTN Data Plan Subscription include

Quick Subscription via USSD Code: Dial *123*3# to choose your preferred data bundle.

  • 1GB for 30days – 106 to 131 – *106# – 1000NGN
  • 1.5GB for 30days – 130 to 131 – *130#- 1200 NGN
  • 2.5 GB for 30days – 110 to 131 – *10# 2000 NGN
  • 5GB for 30days – 107 to 131 – *107# – 3500 NGN
  • 10GB for 30days – 116 to 131 – *116# – NGN5000
  • 22GB for 30days – 117 to 131 -*117# – 10,000NGN
  • 50GB for 30days – 118 to 131 – *118# – 20,000NGN
    85GB for 3 months – 133 to 131 – *133# – 50,000NGN
    100 MB for 1day – 104 to 131 – 104# 100NGN
  • 750MB for 1 week – 103 to 131 – *103# – 500NGN
  • 150 MB for 1 day – 113 to 131 – *113# – 200NGN
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To check your data balance anytime text 2 to 131 or dial *123*3# choose 4.

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