How To Unlock Modem To Work Perfectly With Glo, Etisalat, Airtel, MTN

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Unblocking Or Cracking a Modem.

Many modems are customized to work with a particular service provider, but if you run out of data, switching to a SIM with data becomes impossible so you’ll have to wait till you renew your subscription.

Unlock modem to work with MTN,  etisalat,  Airtel, Glo

This article will enlighten us on how to #crack #unlock #unlockmodem your modem thereby making it work with any SIM card. This is more or less like turning it into a Universal Modem.

Many modems are pre-programmed to work with a particular service provider, sometimes they are built by the service providers (MTN, ETISALAT, AIRTEL, GLO) or in partnership with them.

This means you are required to have many modems in case you run out of data, so you can easily switch to the next, come-on this is too rigid.

Why will I purchase many modems when one can serve the purpose?

Heads up!!!

Incase you purchased a pre-programmed modem and you desire to use other networks, when you try to change the original SIM card to another service provider’s, you’ll get a notification demanding for an “unlock code“. The system will identity your SIM card as ALIEN NETWORK SIM CARD.

The unlock code is the major requirement for unlocking the modem.

Tips to Unlock your pre-programmed Modem.

1. Check for the Modem brand/type (ZTE, Huawei, etc.).

2. Get the IMEI number (15-digit number code on the card or in the cover) of your modem.

3. Boldly write out your IMEI number on a piece of paper.

4. Install the “Unlocking Software”. Download for Huawei Modems Here!!!

In case you use a different modem, you’ll have to source for their unblocking software.

I will supply the unblocking software during the next update.

5. After a successful installation of the software, launch the update. The app requires your IMEI number you wrote out earlier in #2.

The system will generate your unlock code from your IMEI number. The unlock code ranges from 4-6 digits.

Copy the code and get back to #1.

6. Get a SIM card from a different service provider, and insert into the modem.

7. Insert the modem into your PC as it will demand for the “unlock code“. The unlock code was generated in #4. 8. Paste the code in the required box.

9. The modem has been successfully unlocked.

Results after cracking the modem.

1. The modem is now converted to a universal modem.
2. For some network, the simple “New Profile Management Configurations” may be required.

Steps to configure and manage your profile.

1. On the modem interface, go-to Tools >> profile management >> New.

2. Fill in the new network’s settings through APN, username and password.

3. Save.

4. To connect, make sure you select the new profile from the connect window.

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