How to Wash Snails and Remove Slime easily

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Every person have different cleaning agents for washing snails, the particular one you use doesn’t matter all you need is a snail free from dirt.

Today we’ll discuss different cleaning agents and how they can be used to prepare snails.

Tips to wash snail clean

The following are cleaning agents used to wash snails clean before cooking.

1. Using Alum.

This is used by many Nigerian homes as cleaning agent for washing snails. Almost all snail eating Nigerian Families have used alum in one way or the other.

But incase you haven’t tried it, you can always give it a try.

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2. Using Salt.

In Nigeria salt serves as a close substitute to alum as it drastically reduce the chance of food poisoning.

If you wash snails thoroughly using salt, it appears cleaner and poison free. Soak for about 15 minutes before you wash with lukewarm.

3. Using Lime or Lemon.

Looking for a quick way of getting your snails clean? Lemon has the solution. Even people who use alum still prefer using lime to remain on the safer side.

Any unripe citrus fruit will serve the purpose.

4. Use of Garri

Cassava processed Garri can also be used to remove stains from snail. When mixed with hot water, garri posses active properties for getting rid of stains.

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5. Using Bleach.

Hypo or any other bleach can be used to wash snail clean as it effect treat snail’s toxicity off.

6. Using Corn dough

Just wash your snail with already finished corn dough.

7. Using Water from fermented Cassava.

Water from fermented cassava can also be of great help removing dirt from snail. For a better result make the water a bit warm, this will make washing the snails easier and faster.

8. Using the snail back.

The part of the snail that is not eaten could be used for washing the edible parts clean.


  • Majority of the above cleaning agents need hot water to quicken the reaction on the snail.
  • It is not mandatory you break the snail-shell before washing. Just boil them together with the shell for few minutes. Then pick them out using a broom.
  • After using bleach to wash snails, wash them thoroughly before cooking.
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