Latest Glo 0.0KB Free Browsing Cheat Settings for Sky VPN and UC Mini Handler

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It is obvious many of us are still enjoying the latest Glo 0.0kb free browsing cheat, as I’ve not received any request for free browsing cheat lately. That’s cool but today there is an update on the Glo Free browsing cheat 2018. You must be familiar with other VPN applications such as Anonytun VPN, Psiphon VPN, Tweakware and more. Today , we’ll use a VPN app most of you aren’t familiar with but does a perfect job.

How to browsing free on Glo 0.0kb

Sky VPN Free Browsing Requirements
The Sky VPN and UC Mini Handler we’ll be our major tools. This article we’ll be tutoring you on how to browse free 0.0k on Glo using the app earlier mentioned. These combination (Sky VPN and UC Mini Handler) will provide super fast speed and also unlimited download. Ensure you don’t download files that are of 200MB and above at once, as that’s the download limit.

Sky VPN Free Browsing Requirements

The following are required for these free browsing to be activated on your device.
An android device.
Glo SIM without an active data subscription and with zero credit.
A stable Network connection.
If you got the above requirements covered, let’s proceed to the next step.

APN Settings & Configuration

The GLO APN configuration settings to use the Sky VPN cheat is still the same you use for browsing. If you changed yours just create a new APN.

Name: Glo HSI

APN: gloflat
Username: flat
Password: Flat
Remember to save your settings.

How to Fix Glo Internet 3G signal not appearing

On Android devices, before you can have access to the internet, your mobile network 3G signal must appear on the screen top. To enable this feature, just send PAYU as an SMS to 127 i.e text PAYU to 127. This will activate the pay as you use plan therefore enabling data service on your device.

Activating the Free Browsing Cheat on Your UC Mini Handler

Use the settings below to activate the free browsing cheat on your android via UC Mini Handler.
  • Tick Remove Port.
  • Use Real Host as Proxy Type.
  • Use as Proxy Server.
  • Don’t edit the rest.
  • Save the settings by tapping the OK button.
That’s all the necessary configuration required to start browsing for free on your Glo SIM. Start surfing the internet and downloading for free. Remember, the max download limit is 200MB.

Configuration Settings for Glo 0.0kb Cheat on Sky VPN

Before, you download the app, let’s checkout the main features of Sky VPN application.
  • Easy to setup and configure.
  • Pre-configured settings as it connects automatically to superb server.
  • Fast browsing, streaming videos on YouTube and other websites, downloading both large and light files.
  • Works perfectly on Nigerian Networks such as Glo, Airtel, MTN, and 9mobile.
Some features you may not like about Sky VPN include:
  • Sky VPN supports ads.
  • Premium upgrade for unlimited bandwidth limit.
 We’ll find away to get the cracked version but aside those, Sky VPN is da bomb!

Configuration Settings

  • Download the Sky VPN by clicking the link and then Install the application.
  • Open the application
  • Tap the menu icon > Premium Traffic > Daily Check in (you’ll receive 75MB free data)
  • Then tap on the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ to receive 25MB free data too
Do this regularly to receive more and more free data. Ensure the SIM you use at first has data and later switch to the Glo SIM card without data / airtime.

Advanced Settings

  • Just head back to the application homepage.
  • Select Premium > upgrade > select your region as United States.
  • Your premium text should have a yellow color by now.
Tap the connect button to start browsing the internet without download limit.
Note: The Sky VPN data can be extended to 1GB through referral. To refer people, just access the menu bar at the left corner and hit on the ‘invite friends to download’ option share the link and get your reward.
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