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Most breakups have a negative result on both parties, it ends up most a times leaving each partners heartbroken. MAKE BREAKUP PAINLESS. But the truth is breakups can be less traumatizing and could be done without both parties getting hurt afterwards.

How to make a breakup painless

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People breakup in person, using a mobile phone either by call or text, social media, or video calls. MAKE BREAKUP PAINLESS, Breaking up doesn’t have a particular rules and guidelines, but most often people breakup caring less about what the other person thinks and feels.

People are different, and have different emotions and feelings, but It is possible MAKE BREAKUP PAINLESS but there are guidelines that should be of great help.

FAQ on the Matter.

  • How can I make a breakup less painful?
  • Is it possible to let someone go without hurting him/her?
  • What should I do to avoid a heartbreak?
  • After a breakup can we still be friends?

The following questions will be answered with the help of this article.


Every relationship is different therefore there is no absolute rule for breaking up. But to make your break up relatively painless you’ll have to consider some things.

1. Make Him/her aware of the Break up.

How To make a breakup painless

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Don’t just stop calling or texting your partner, that will even make him or her worry more. Distancing yourself and expect your spouse to give up is the most immature way of breaking up. MAKE BREAKUP PAINLESS, There would be lots of thoughts running through your partner’s head.

I suggest you do it in person, this will make it easier for you both to get over in the long run. Meet with him/her and be serious while doing it. Tell him/her you need to talk and make sure you have “that” talk.

2. Share the benefits you gained during your dating period.

Make breakup painless

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Discuss all you learned from him/her, the bad he/she corrected in you, the benefits from knowing him/her, the good in you he/she made you realize. Tell them all about it. Don’t just try to think about this on seeing him/her, brainstorm things you gained because you met him/her before getting to her.

MAKE BREAKUP PAINLESS, Say the favorite part, and don’t make it sound as if you still want him/her or make it look as if you guys can still be together in future.

3. Make him/her believe they want the breakup.

Make breakup painless

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Present a strong reason why you think the relationship should end. There should at least what he/she will want to hold on to after the break up. This would give him/her some real closure on the relationship. Present reasonable cause for the breakup to your partner, without a logical reason, MAKE BREAKUP PAINLESS, your partner will be left to think you were just confused and probably don’t know what you want.

4. Be sincere when answering any question he/she asks.

Make breakup painless

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There usually are questions that your partner will ask after a break up. Don’t hide anything or lie about anything. MAKE BREAKUP PAINLESS, Give the answers with all honesty.

  • Are you sure you want this?
  • Since when have you harbored this thought?
  • Did I hurt you in any way?
  • How can I make things right?
  • We can still work through this, can’t we?

While answering their questions be as honest as you can be, even though it could hurt. If you fail to give answers to the questions during the break up then he/she will be left confused with the unanswered questions running through their minds maybe for weeks, months or even years.

Every reply and answer counts and will go a long way, so don’t for once think he/she don’t need answer to the question.
Make sure to avoid telling them what you didn’t like about them, even if they asked. Let all your reply center on ending the relationship.

MAKE BREAKUP PAINLESS, Don’t show any trace of “HOPE” or pretend as if you’ll come back together. Make it obvious that you want the relationship to come to an END.

5. Don’t Communicate With them afterwards.

Make breakup painless

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After the break up give your ex enough distance to get over the relationship. MAKE BREAKUP PAINLESS, You should avoid calling, texting, chatting on social media, etc., he/she wants enough time to heal. You may decide to hold off communication for few months.

You both can still be good friends after having an intimate relationship, but that should be after you’ve given him or her enough time , to get over the relationship. MAKE BREAKUP PAINLESS

The mental separation is required so that he/she can get over you and then any other relationship can be introduced.

Delete his/her number from your mobile phone, unfriend him/her on any social media, although this won’t be easy but you need to get them off your mind and thought.

Be honest. Be yourself. End the relationship when you know that it isn’t right for you.

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