How to Make Homemade Salad in Nigeria

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Make Homemade Salad in Nigeria: The Nigerian Salad is peculiar as it can be served and enjoyed on its own or as a side-dish to many Nigerian dishes. The salad is peculiar that it is not prepared in other places as it is in Nigeria.

Make Homemade salad

Make Homemade Salad in Nigeria

Required ingredients.

1. One medium bunch lettuce

2. Five medium carrots

3. Four small pcs Irish potatoes

4. Two medium cucumbers

5. Three medium eggs

6. Tin Baked Beans in tomato sauce

7. Sweet corn (200g)

8. Tomatoes (about five plums)

Dressing the salad.

The salad cream I recommend is the Heinz Salad Cream, other salad creams such as Heinz Caesar Salad Cream or Mayonnaise can serve as a close substitute.

Make Homemade Salad in Nigeria

Before preparing the Nigerian Salad.

1. Wash your Irish potatoes thoroughly, after that cook the potatoes till done.
2. Boil the eggs, make sure its hard boiled. The potatoes and eggs can be boiled together in the same pot.

3. Wash all vegetables thoroughly while waiting for the potatoes.

4. The lettuce should be cut into thin shreds.

5. Wash and scrape your carrots. Shred your carrots (you can use a grater).

6. Peel the already boiled potatoes and cut them into small sizable cubes.

7. Peel the cucumbers and ensure the seeds are removed completely.

8. For a greener color in your salad, peel cucumber in stripes.

9. Remove the tomatoes seeds and cut into smaller pieces.

10. Separate all already cut vegetables using different containers.

11. Drain the preservation water from your corn by opening it, then rinse the seeds.

12. Open the baked beans tin.

13. Remove the shells of the eggs, slice them thinly. (Removing egg shell would be easy if you soak the eggs in cold water immediately after boiling). You can employ an egg slicer to do the job.

Preparation Process.

1. Begin to add all the ingredients one-by-one in smaller batches into a salad bowl enough to contain them until they are all inside. Do not put eggs yet.

2. Place the already sliced eggs on the salad, using it to cover the top.
Cover the salad and allow inside a refrigerator for one hour at least, this will ensure proper mixing of ingredients.

3. The salad can be served with salad dressing of your choice. The Heinz Salad cream works well with this recipe.

4. Nigerian Salad can be eaten alone or as a side dish to Jollof Rice, Coconut Rice, Fried Rice, Moi Moi, Grilled Chicken and other Nigerian rice dishes

Important Notes and Tips.

1. For a crunchy Salad, use cabbage instead of lettuce. Both can still be used if you prefer greener salad.

2. More ingredients can still be added, the above was just the minimum (required) ingredients. Ingredients such as macaroni, corn beef, green peas, etc. can be added.

3. The salad should be consumed within 24 hours (1 day) of preparation. It can be extended a bit if salad dressing is added.

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