How to Make Homemade Washing Powder

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Make Homemade Washing Powder: Have you tried washing a pot after cooking with a coal stove? What was the experience? Washing coal out of the back of the pot could be very difficult especially cooking on a fire not regulated.

How to make homemade washing powder

The strength, skills and sweat used to wash the pot answers the above question.

To wash the pot with little stress a pot washer is needed, but getting a pot washer could be expensive.

The good news is this, you can make it at home in your kitchen and probably use the help of your kids.

Required Materials to Make Homemade Washing Powder

1. Raw egg shells.

2. Ash.

3. Detergent (with nice perfume).

Required Equipment for making a pot washer.

1. Grinding stone.

2. Sieve with small holes.

3. Bowl.

4. Bottle.

Steps to Make Homemade Washing Powder.


Make sure that all materials and equipment needed are available.


Get the raw egg shells and dry them under the sun for about 2-3 days.


When the egg shells are dried completely, grind the egg shells on a cemented floor using the grinding stone.

Grind the egg shells into powdered form.


Then get the ash and sieve it in-order to separate the main ash from little charcoals, sticks and wood.

After sieving, the ash should not be black in color.


Pour the ground egg shells and sieved ash into a bowl.


Mix the ground egg shells and sieved ash together using your hands.


Pour the detergent into the bowl where you mixed the ground egg shells and sieved ash. Mix them all together using your hands.


After mixing the detergent, ground egg shells and sieved ash together, you can transfer into a bottle or container of choice.

By Favour.

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