How to Play Computer Games on Your Smartphones

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Play Computer Games on Smart Phones: Howdy, for game lovers there is yet another interesting way to make your gaming experience more memorable, entertaining, fulfilling etc.

If it has been your wish to control games like Batman, The warriors of legends, Devil may cry, farmer’s dynasty, immortals, PES 2018, FIFA 2018 and more on your smart phone or tablet, well your wish has come true, Play Computer Games on Smart Phones.

Technology is advancing speedily by the day and new applications are built to tackle problems. With emulators such as bluestacks you can run android applications on your laptop/computer.

This article is built to help solve the question of how to run PC games on smart phones? To gain full knowledge continue reading.

How to run PC games on Android smart device.

For this to be possible an application called “remotr” is needed. The application easily remote PC games using your android smart phones and/or tablets.

Play Computer Games on Smart Phones, this act is not limited to games alone as you can equally stream anything on your device.

The quality shouldn’t bother you, as far as it started running first on your laptop / computer

How to use Remotr.

The Remotr program makes it possible for users to stream high definition (HD) graphics intensive games from Laptop or computer to mobile phones / tablets.

The application grant you the chance to customize your game the way you choose. Multiple device can be connected at the same time.

Steps to Play Computer Games on Smart Phones

1. Download Remotr.exe on your Laptop or computer

2. Install the programe and create a new account by filling in the required details. This should be done from the Remotr website.

3. Download and install the remotr application for android.

4. Login your account using the login details you created initially using your PC.

5. Select computer and the PC games you wish to run on your smartphone.

6. Then configure your settings.

7. Enjoy playing your games from your android smartphone or tablet.
Play Computer Games on Smart Phones.

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