How to Prepare Homemade Cake

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Prepare Homemade Cake: Looking for what you and your family will spend the time doing this weekend? The home made cake will definitely help with that.

Prepare homemade cake

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The homemade cake has a unique taste, and also can be used as weekend special recipe.

Prepare Homemade Cake

The homemade cake is one of the easiest recipes on this blog, the cakes can also be gifted to loved ones.

Making your own homemade cake.

Required Ingredients:

1. Homemade cake mix (One batch). The tutorial is below.

2. Water. (three over four cup)

3. Vanilla (One teaspoon).

4. Softened Butter (half cup).

5. Eggs (three).

6. Prepare Homemade Cake

Tips to Prepare Homemade Cake.


Get the oven ready by preheating it till it gets to 350 degrees F. Using a parchment paper, line two baking pans of about 8 or 9 inch and grease and flour.


Get a stand mixer and combine all the ingredients above in the bowl. Start mixing on low until you notice the mixture coming together, then increase the sand mixer speed to high, the mixture should be for about two minutes.

You can continue the mixture until it’s smooth as desired.


The batter should be poured into the already prepared pans, then bake till a golden color is achieved (that should take about 20-25 mins).

Get the pan out of the oven and immediately use a knife to run along the pan’s perimeter. This should loosen the cake sides.

Prepare Homemade Cake


Give it enough time to cool down, after that invert onto a wire rack.


Remove the parchment paper and let it cool, decorate and frost as you want.

Required ingredients for making a cake mix.

1. Non-fat powdered milk (halve cup).

2. Granulated sugar (one and half cups).

3. Baking powder (3/4 table spoon).

4. All-purpose flour (two cups).


Get a large bowl and place all the required ingredients in it.


Combine all the required ingredients by whisking them together.


Get an airtight container for storage and transfer the already whisked ingredients. Store in a freezer until needed.

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