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The chicken is one of the most used meat in preparing many Nigerian recipes, especially rice recipes (either jollof or fried).How to SEASON AND GRILL (BROIL) A CHICKEN

It is used when making stew and many Nigerian homes prefer using chicken for making soup.

Chicken can as well be enjoyed as snack with a chilled drink.
season and grill chicken

Seasoning chicken requires few ingredients although many Nigerians think to make the chicken tasty it should be loaded with all the stock cubes and spices in the country.

season and grill chicken

Requirements to season and grill chicken

Using excess seasoning on the chicken will only remove the natural taste from the meat. The following major ingredients are needed;

1. Chicken (hen recommended)

2. Onions (either white, red or yellow).

3. Thyme (for aroma).

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4. Stock cubes (either Maggi or Knorr).

5. Salt.

Chicken should be grilled after cooking instead of deep frying. It is healthier and taste better to grill chicken, grilling should be done using an oven.

Season and grill chicken video

Seasoning and Grilling Directions.

1. Chop the chicken to smaller desired sizes.

2. Get a clean pot and put your already cut chicken into the pot.

3. Add diced onions, stock cubes (maggi or knorr) and thyme to the chicken.

4. Enough water should be added into the pot. Place pot on a stove or cooker and start cooking.

5. Hen takes longer time to cook, it could take about 1 hour 15 mins to cook on a medium heat.

7. After cooking, add salt, cover and allow to simmer for about 2 mins.

8. The already cooked chicken should be transferred to a sieve to drain.

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9. Place the chicken on your oven rack and tthe rack as close to the grill as you can.

10. Switch your oven to Grill.

11. Check at interval until the top side becomes brown this time chicken pieces should be turned to the other side.

12. The grilling is complete when both sides of the chicken turn brown.

season and grill chicken

Cooking Tips.

1. Water should be added to the contents level in the pot when cooking your chicken.

2. DO NOT wash raw chicken with salt, it prevents the flavors from coming out and entering the meat by closing the pores. Leaving your chicken to the taste of artificial seasonings.

season and grill chicken

3. Salt makes the chicken hard, making it cook longer. Therefore salt should be added when the chicken is done.

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4. Nigerian curry powder changes the chicken taste and also gives it an artificial taste. Instead add it to stews that the chickens are used for.

5. The female chicken (Hen) is tougher and tastes better than the male, therefore it requires more cooking time.

season and grill chicken

6. Salt should be used sparingly when seasoning the chicken. Add when the chicken is already done.

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