How To Sell iTunes Gift Card In Nigeria

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Where to Sell iTunes Gift Card In Nigeria: Due to the rate as which Nigerian youths get and use i-phones, iTunes gift cards are now cool source of making mney. The iTunes cards credit can be used for purchases from iTunes store,  App store, iBook Stores anytime you are signed in using the same Apple ID till the credit is exhausted.

Sell iTunes Gift Card In Nigeria


The demand for iTunes gift cards is on the increase in the country especially among the Nigerian Youths as most of them prefer using i Phones to other smart devices.

These (iTunes) cards helps to stop phone applications from shutting down and the cards can be gotten either as gifts or buying them. After receiving these cards the next step is to redeem them.

Sell iTunes Gift Card In Nigeria

Tips to Sell iTunes Gift Card in Nigeria.

After receiving the iTunes Gift cards selling them in Nigeria requires little or no stress, since many iPhone users are in the country. These cards can can be kept un-redeemed.

Sell iTunes Gift Card In Nigeria

One of the fastest way of selling your received iTunes card in Nigeria is to sell them to Income Nigeria.

Guidelines to Convert iTunes Gift Cards to Naira/Bitcoin.

1. Selling it directly to a buyer.

2. Selling them to an interested middle man, as they will buy them and sell them to other willing buyers.

When selling these cards be sure not to fall victim to any fraudulent activities.



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