How to start a successful goat business in Nigeria

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Start a successful goat business in Nigeria

  • What are the required skills to start goat business in Nigeria?
  • Where is the best site for locating a goat business?
  • What are the risks involved in goat business?
  • What benefits should I expect as a goat farmer?
  • Can I administer drugs to my sick goat?
start a successful goat business in Nigeria

Goat business in Nigeria

  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria

Goat farming is one animal business that can fetch you much money without going through much stress. If you are planning to start goat business or already ventured into it and needed more helpful information. Then you’re at the right place.

  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria

The business is easy to establish as goat can be reared anywhere human can survive provided there is enough grass to graze and water to drink. And in no time start yeilding profits.

In Nigeria, goat business and any other animal business is left to the Hausas and the Fulanis alone, but the fact is anybody can start the business anywhere and still make enough profit.

  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria

The consumption of goat in Nigeria.

The goat meat is one of the meat people enjoy in Nigeria aside beef, probably due to its peculiar taste and aroma.

The goat is consumed daily in households, parties, food canteens and the like, and as the close substitute to cow meat – beef, the meat is consumed at large quantity if the beef meat becomes relatively scarce or expensive.

  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria

Goat meat also posses some health benefits as doctors recommend the meat for some patients. Cholesterol is also present in goat meat and is recommended for people that prefer low energy diet.

The market for Goat in Nigeria.

Let’s assume you have a healthy adult male goat for sale and the goat weighs about 100-150 pounds, the price for a goat is of that size and weight is N30,000-N45,000 depending on your location.

  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria

Imagine you have 100 goats of the same weight and size available for sale, after a successful sales you would be making about N3,000,000-N4,500,000.

Now if the cost of maintenance, labour and feeding is N1,000,000 or even lesser. Your annual gain would still be about N2,000,000-N3,500,000 or more.

  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria

The required capital is relative smaller compared to other livestock business. The business does not need millions of Naira except you want to establish a larger Goat farm.

The business can be started small and enlarged with time and flow of profit into the business.

  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria

Required skills to start a successful goat business in Nigeria.

The business can be started with or without a degree in animal science. That means you do not need any professional skills or expertise to start the business.

The business could be effectively managed by anyone interested in the business. You just need passion and determination to keep you going in the business.

  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria
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Carryout researches regularly improve your knowledge of the business.

The byproducts of Goat.

The meat is not the only marketable product gotten from rearing goat, permit me to say, “goat is a multifunctional animal”. Other products such as milk, fibres, skin and manure could fetch you money from goat business.

Goat milk.

Though in Nigeria, our main source of milk is the Diary cows, but the goats are also a good source of milk.

  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria

The milk form goat is said to contain low cholesterol and isn’t allergic compared to the cow milk.

That’s not all, the nutrients from goat milk improves appetite and digestion. It also posses anti-fungal and antibacterial properties used as remedy for urogenital diseases caused of fungal source.

  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria


Goat breeds like the Cashmere and Angora are good source of high quality fibre. The fibre is of high market value and could yeild lots of profit.

Hides and Skin.

The hides and skins are used in producing leather. The leather is used for further production of items such as bags, shoes, wrist watches and more.

  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria

The Black Bengal goats or Kalahari Red goats are known to produce high quality hides and skin and are found in Nigeria. But for the record, all breed of goats produce hides and skins.


The goat faeces can be used as organic manure, which will aid rapid growth of farm crops. Many Nigerian farmers who prefer using the natural organic manure on their farm land would patronize you.

  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria

Weather condition suitable for goat farming.

The goat as an animal can adapt to any change of weather be it cold or hot. The goat can survive any weather condition suitable to man and the Nigerian weather is favorable for rearing goat.

The goat just needs shelther, food, water and medics to survive.

Starting a Goat farm/business in Nigeria.

Now we are familiar with the basics let’s proceed to the main discussion point. The question is, How can I start a successful goat business in Nigeria?

  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria

The goat business like any other business require certain factors to survive and the following will help you be a successful Goat farmer in the country.

The business plan.

Behind every successful business there is a plan, a good business is expected to have a plan.

  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria

The plans will act as a guideline on things you should do to improve goat farm, management, quality, production rate, etc.

Keep proper records, The item purchased or sold, Date, time and cost of transaction should be documented. This would tell when you are making profit or loss.

The business objectives.

The objectives include what you are to achieve from your goat rearing business. The business objective could be yearly (quarterly or half), monthly or even weekly and do all within your reach to achieve it.

  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria
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The area of Specialization.

For professionalism and effective management of your business, you should determine the major reason why you choose the business.

The question is did you setup the business for meat production, milk production, skin production or the alive goat? You can choose to specialize on two, maybe milk and meat production.

You can decide to carryout a market research to determine the level of demand for each product and the possible profit that could be made.

The farm Location and site.

  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria

Goats feed on green grasses, therefore before concluding on the location of the farm ensure that the location is good for grazing and is located near the market for selling produce and purchasing required equipment.

Building a pen.

Housing is very important to the animals, a properly built pen will guard them against contrary harsh weather – rain and hot sun rays. Electricity should be employed if the need arise.

  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria

The pen should be fenced either with walls or wires to prevent any external threat. The use of dogs could be adopted, I recommend the “German shepherd” or any other dogs that won’t attack the animals placed under it’s watch.

Maintain a clean pen and always use fresh straw or hay for bedding.

Things to consider before building a goat pen.

  • The size and structure of the goat family.
  • The available capital
  • The pen should be temperate – neither cold nor hot.
  • The pen should be floored with substances that neither absorb nor reflect temperature. The use of saw dust is recommended..
  • The pen should be properly ventilated and free from dampness.
  • Build the goat pen on a well-drained location and flood plains should be avoided.
  • The farm orientation must provide adequate protection from rain, dust, sun, odour and external threat.
  • The pen should be rodent free.

Purchasing a goat breed.

After a successful goat pens have been established, the next step is to fill the pens with goat.

You need to buy your breed and ensure you buy a high quality breed.

Breeds of goats found in Nigeria include;

  • Nigerian dwarf.
  •  Maradi.
  •  Pygmy.
  •  Boer.
  •  Saanen.
  •  Nubians.
  •  LaMancha.
  •  Alpine.
  •  Oberhasli etc.

When purchasing your goat it is recommended you buy two male goats at least and many female goats. This is really important.

You can decide to buy a combination of different breeds of goat as their kids will be hybrids.

  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria

Examine the goat you want to buy and ensure they are in a healthy condition, having no trace of disease.

Make sure the baby goat you are about to purchase is properly vaccinated to prevent future diseases.

Feeding your goats.

Goats are ruminant animals (animals with complex stomachs) and they graze on grass. Feeding your goat requires study, goats have different taste.

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Some are choosy and they select what they eat thereby not eating what other goats may. To minimize feeding cost, find a grazing place or field.


  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria

Goat feeds are also available for purchase in the market, the feeds are specially formulated to make your goat grow real quick and bigger.

Although the goat feeds are relatively expensive compared to pasture. Most times goat farmers conjure their own feed, you too can, just ensure the goat feeds has about 11%-18% protein content.

Consulting an animal doctor.

This is compulsory especially for those with a larger quantity. There should be series of check up consulted on the animals.

  • start a successful goat business in Nigeria

Don’t compare your self with farmers with smaller quantity. The doctor will also enlighten you on the required nutrient, minerals and medicine needed for a healthy farm.


Call a veterinary doctor if you notice any health related issues, DON’T administer drugs to animals to prevent unnecessary loss except prescribed by a doctor.

Goat Maturation.

The maturation process is similar to any other ruminant animal. The goat reaches the age of puberty between 6-12 months.

Though this varies with breeds, could also be as a result of nutrients. The female goat goes into estrus every 21 days for 3-50 hours.

During this stage natural mating can start as the goat can become pregnant, due to advancement in tech. some goat farmers practice insemination.

The market for Goat.

The goats could be sold locally to household or industries, depending on your specialization and farming scale.

Ensure you are familiar with the market price or the idea of what others sell around your locality.

Gestation period.

This is the period the kids develop in the womb of their mother.

Goat Diseases.

The following diseases are common to goats, if you notice any symptoms seek the help of an animal doctor.

  • Tapeworm. The associated symptoms include diarrhea, constipation and parts of the tapeworm in the faeces.
  • Tuberculosis. The goat will begin to experience difficulty in breathing, coughing, irregular fever for long period, weight loss and anemia.
  • Salmonella infection. The associated symptoms include weight loss and low production of milk. Most a times the disease is as a result of drinking contaminated water.
  • Rinderpest. The associated symptoms include Ulcerative lesions, inside the lower lip and gums, mild thermal reaction and diarrhea.
  • Nitrate/nitrite Poisoning. The associated symptoms include, difficulty to breathe, chocolate brown color and possibly death.

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