How to Start Profitable Small Business

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Start Profitable Small Business:

Due to the nature of the Nigerian economy and job system entrepreneurship has become the talk for the day. Mr. President and governors advised unemployed youth to be creative and start a work of their own.

Start Profitable Small Business,  Starting your own business will definitely give you huge return.

This article will point out 9 businesses you should consider starting in Nigeria.

Start Profitable Small Business in Nigeria.

1. Private Lessons.

Many childern with average accademic performance need private lessons and coaching, as a graduate you can start home lessons and get paid either wages (Daily or weekly) or salary (monthly).

The location could be in your home or at the home of your student. The required capital is only about N70,000 for getting a center.

Depending on your location, you can recieve a salary of about N15,000, if you tutor 10 students that is N150,000 every month.

2. Starting a pure water business.

Start Profitable Small Business, Whenever the pure water business is mentioned, the first thing that comes to an average Nigerian mind is hawking.

This time you won’t be hawking the water rather you’ll sell the water to the hawkers and sellers at cheaper rates.

You’ll need to keep the water cold at all time either with a cooler of iceblocks or a freezer.

You can decide to reduce the cost of getting a bag of water by N10, the cold water and the lesser price will definitely attract more customer.

You can gradually increase the price back to normal with time.

3. Planning of Events.

Weekly there are lots of occasions in the locality, be it a reunion, birthday, wedding, Child’s naming and dedication, etc.

Start Profitable Small Business

You can take it on you to make the preparations and management of the event and in return get paid.

Becoming an event planner demands much organizing and management skills. The way you manage an event advertises you either negatively or positively.

4. Becoming Make-up artist.

Due the advancements in fashion, the ladies want to look good and charming.

Nigerian ladies are not left out, they want to look good also, the need of a makeup artiste arises, you can become a makeup artiste and get paid, weekly there are lots of occasions, you can be the makeup artiste for the occasion.

5. Phone charging and repair.

The Nigerian power supply is poor and the price of fuel is high in the country, the need of a phone charging center arises.

You can use a shop and design it in a way it will be easy and secured charging phones.

After charging the phone you can collect N50 naira for each phones or battery charged.

You can also use the help of a phone repairer, employ one and pay him or her based on your agreed price.

6. Making of liquid Soap.

Soap making is now a very lucrative business in the country and the best part of it is that it requires little cash.

To start, you must have basic knowledge in soap making, after that you are good to go, due to the countries population and the level of consumption the need of soap increases.

You can visit retailers and discuss the supply terms and/or open a shop of your own where you sell the soaps.

7. Egg supply business.

Eggs are consumed in large quantity everyday, infact most families substitute egg for fish and meat due to the price.

Starting an egg supply business requires little capital and no special skills. Learn more about egg supply business Here!!!.

8. Catering Services.

Another business you should consider is starting a catering service in your locality, to be a caterer you need to be experience in cooking for an occasion.

You can also decide to fry puffs, chips, chin-chin etc. and package to be presentable and attractive to buyers.

 9. Web building and designing.

The world is growing into a digital society and firms and companies will want to reach more people via the internet.

Becoming a web designer demands proper knowledge in the field, all you need make people aware of your service and you’ll be patronized.

The above business can be started in the country with little money and business experience.

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