How to Start Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria (Wholesale/ Retail)

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Start Recharge card printing business in Nigeria

This Recharge card printing machine makes it possible to print vouchers without computers or printers.

The Recharge Card printing Business is one source of making money people overlook. Recharge cards (airtime) are bought daily by over 50 million Nigerians. Recharge card printing a lucrative business in the country. The recharge card printing business requires little capital to run. I can even start the business with my phone and of course toy can also.
Printing of recharge cards requires little or no expertise. It is open to both the educated and non-educated members of the society. There are many recharge card dealers in Nigeria creating market to sell your cards. There are also many recharge card dealers in Lagos and since Lagos is a large commercial city, is best place to start.
Starting a recharge card business demands a plan just as any other business. And also you need to decide either to wholesale or retail. To become a recharge card dealer is not difficult and the needs are not discouraging. I suggest you join the association of recharge card dealers in Nigeria. Joining one will improve your understanding of the field.

Requirements to Start Recharge Card Printing Business

The recharge card business demands certain criteria and tools to be established. The below will be very useful to start the recharge card business.

Start up Capital

The recharge card printing business needs money like any other businesses. The business is not among those that requires large sum of money. With thousands of Naira the business can be successful established.
Money is needed to buy recharge PINs in large quantity from major recharge card dealers. There are many recharge card printing companies in Lagos. The recharge card PIN dealers are scattered nationwide. To get the list of major recharge card PIN dealers in Nigeria visit Vconnet

PC or Laptops

A computer is required but its not necessary you own one. You can share a friend’s computer or visit the cyber-cafe whenever the need arise. Like I said earlier, you can start the business with your mobile phone.
All you need is a dealer to supply you the e-pins or companies that sell recharge card pins.

Internet access

In recharge card business PINs are often delivered through e-mails. This makes the internet compulsory to receive them. You only need the internet to print the PINs after receiving them. After receiving the PINs internet access is no longer needed.


The printer for recharge card business could be either a black and white printer or colored. This would help print the recharge cards in hard copy, making sales easier. Most often the cards are not sold on a white and black color. Since the colored is relatively more expensive, you can choose to start with the black and white.

Software installation

The required software would be installed on your PC/Laptop. This software helps to print the recharge card vouchers. The Orange box is a device used to print to print recharge card vouchers. This will be of great help to dealers without tools such as computers and printers.
The question now is where to buy the orange box? To get one approach a major dealer and ask of “the orange box“.

Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

Where to buy recharge card Pins in Bulk?
PINs are gotten from major GSM dealers in the country, these dealers are easy to locate. Look for a dealer that would sell the PINs to you at a least cost. You can get to meet them online through Vconnect. You can buy PINs from many dealers from any part of the country. Distance is not a barrier as the PINs would be sent via email.
Where can I locate my business?
The location of the business is not a problem. Nigerians buy lots of recharge cards vouchers on a daily basis. All you need is to start as there are many people waiting to patronize you already.
How to can I secure the transaction?
With lots of fraudulent activities in the country, you don’t want to fall prey. Make sure the PIN dealer is reputable and honest. Most times registration is required for a better and secure customer relation. Registration as a sub-dealer should be one of the registration processes. The registration process should be free. Your means of Identification would be required to complete the registration. A Purchase at least 100 recharge PINs would also be required.
How can I pay for PINs?
The transaction is often carried out via internet banking. You place an order and pay certain amount of money for the PINs. After confirmation, the dealer will send you the PINs. In some cases You’ll send the payment details via SMS to the dealer. After a successful confirmation, you will receivean email containing the purchased PINs.


You see, the process is very easy and can be handled by both the literate and non literate members of the society.
What are you still waiting for “start making plans“.

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