Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat on Glo With Anonytun VPN 2018

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Many of us flexed Glo Unlimited Free browsing Cheat last year with the “redirect.glo.com” proxy server but since it was blocked there haven’t been any active free browsing cheat as Glo decided to block data networks each time you exhaust your active data plan.

Anonytun Free Browsing 2018

Glo deactivating the mobile network made it difficult to get another Free Browsing Cheat as you need data to run the cheat.

Today, I bring good news as another active Free Browsing Cheat is available on the Glo Network. This is the first Free Browsing Cheat since the beginning of the year. This cheat is similar to the former (last year) cheat as it is unlimited.

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The Cheat has been tested on Anonytun VPN and I guarantee it is working 100%. This Article will guide you on the procedures to configure and run Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat via Anonytun VPN.

Basic Requirements

  • An Android Enabled Device.
  • A Glo SIM (Without an active subscription)
  • A stable 3G Network
  • Anonytun VPN – To download Anonytun VPN Click Here!!!
  • Strong Battery Life.

Glo Configuration Settings

APN Name: wikinigeria

APN: Gloflat

Click save

Glo Free Browsing Cheat Configuration on Anonyton VPN

>> Download and Install the Anonytun VPN apk for Android from the download link above.

>> Open the application and click on “Stealth Settings“.

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>> Switch ON the “Stealth Tunnel” Button.

>> Connection Protocol (CP): HTTP
>> Connection Port (CPR): 80 or 8080

Anonytun VPN Cheat 2018

>> Click on “Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers“.

>> configure using the below details

  • Url/ Host:
  • Request method: POST
  • Injection method: Normal
  • Under Extra Headers, tick the following.

* Keep-Alive

* Online Host

* User-Agent

Anonytun VPN Cheat 2018 settings

>> Click on the “Generate and save” option.

>> Choose any region of choice and hit the “Connect Button“.

>> Allow for some minutes for the app to connect.

>>Flex Unlimited On Glo.

If you don’t mind, we’ll like to know your experience on Glo Unlimited Free browsing with the Anonytun VPN Application. Tell Others by sharing on social media platforms.

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