VLC Player Latest Version 3.0.9 For Android Free Download

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Download the Latest version of VLC media player apk for Android for free. The VLC media player application is a free app which allows most multi media player files such as discs, device, network streaming, etc.

VLC Player Latest Version 3.0.9

This is the Android version of VLC media player as the Desktop version is available for download in many Windows app stores. Just like the Desktop version, the Android version of VLC media player can play videos and audio files as well. DVD ISOs, files and Network streams are not left out.

The VLC media player for Android can also serves as a audio media player as it is equipped with a complete database, filters, equalizers, and the ability to play all forms of audio formats.

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The VLC media player app works perfectly with Android smart devices and it is available for download on our site free of charge, all you have to do is click on the download link provided below. The application has no running ads, no spying, no in app purchases to be made, no hidden charges it is totally free of charge.

Features of Vlc Media Player

VLC Player Latest Version 3.0.9

  • Plays any media file of any format.
  • Search box to locate your videos faster.
  • Video and Audio Media library.
  • Newt work Streams Support, HLS included.
  • Compatible Android versions of v2.2 and above.
  • ARMv7, MIPS, ARMv8 / AArch64 and x86 are fully Supported.
  • Secondary Screen display supported.
  • Add subtile files to view subtitles.
  • Multi Subtile and Audio track Selection.
  • Multi-core decoding.
  • hardware decoding fully supported.
  • Equalizer for Audio
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Updated Features (What’s New!!!)

  • Disabled the Android Auti features as a result of Google Claim.
  • Disabled the Audio digital out feature by default.
  • Video seek at the wrong time on playback resume has now been fixed.
  • Renderer still connected after the WiFi is disconnected/switched off is now fixed.
  • New Feature Video tracks selector in the video player.
  • Misc. fixes.
  • Experience more after downloading the application.
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Download the Latest Version of VLC player From Google PlayStore – HERE!!! Or MIRROR – HERE!!!

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