How to Wear and Remove Male Condom

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Wear and Remove Male Condom: Men don’t want it slow especially during s3x but if you want it very effective, here is what you need to know;

How do I use a condom?

Unlike the female condoms, male condoms are worn when the penis is hard i.e when the penis is fully erect.

Wear and Remove Male Condom

Most a times the condoms are inserted after foreplay by then the penis is fully erect.

Before you start any type of s3x be it oral, vaginal or anal, ensure the condom is already worn.

Make sure you wear the condom during the s3x with your partner. This would protect you from S3xually transmitted Diseases (STDs) which is contacted through direct skin-to-skin s3x.

Condoms prevents the vagina to come in contact with pre-ejaculate which often contain STD germs and in most cases doesn’t contain the sperm to cause pregnancy.

How to INSERT a Male Condom.

1. Check the expiration date of the condom, it is mostly printed on the sachet, wrapper or box depending on the container. Do not use condoms that would expire in few months.

2. Do not open the condom using your teeth or scissors, open carefully using your hand.

3. Ensure the condoms are ready to roll the right way, the rim of the condom should be held upside down forming the shape of a hat.

It could be unrolled a bit before inserting the penis, to ensure it is right-side out.

4. If there was a mistake while putting it on, probably inside out, do not try flipping it around to reuse it. Dispose it and get a new one.

5. Pinch the tip of the condom leaving a bit of space at the top. The space at the top will be of help while collecting the sperm (semen).

Place the condom on the tip (head) of the penis. For uncircumcised men you may want to pull the foreskin backwards before the condom is placed on the head of the penis and start rolling the condom down.

Wear and Remove Male Condom

6. Now unroll the condom down to the shaft of your penis to the base. Keep unrolling the condom till the outer circle is left.

(Few drops of lubricants such as silicone lubricants can be put on the tip of the condom just before you start rolling).

Also, more lube could be added outside the condom after rolling it on the penis. Applying silicone lube will add to the s3x experience and also prevent the condom from breaking.

7. You are good to go!!!!!!

Guidelines to Remove Male Condoms After S3x.

1. After you are done ejaculating (cumming), hold the rim of the condom and gently pull your penis out of the vagina.

This should immediately after s3x to prevent the penis from falling and loosen the condom and allow semen out.

2. Still while your penis is hard, move a distance from your partner and gently remove the condom to avoid spilling semen on your partner.

3. The Used condom should be disposed either in the garbage or burning (avoid flushing this could lead to clogging).

4. Avoid washing, cleaning or drying the condom for future use, it can’t be reused.

Get a new condom anytime you want to have s3x and can be used during oral, anal and vaginal s3x.

In case of switching from a kind of s3x to another use a different condom i.e from oral to anal.

Wear and Remove Male Condom

5. If your penis falls while the condom is still on (its common though), just change the condom remove the condom you were putting on and when your penis fully erect get a new one.

Tips to Wear and Remove Male Condom

1. This is important for a healthy s3x life, your condom should be well cared for and should be used correctly each time you have s3x.

2. The condom should be kept in a dry, cool place. It should be kept out of direct sunlight and sharp objects.

3. Do NOT keep the condoms in bathrooms, cars, pockets, on windows, etc. for a long period. Excess heat and direct sunlight can damage the condom.

4. Before using a condom no matter the producers or distributors always check the expiration date before opening the condom.

Little air bubble should be felt if the condom wrapper is squeezed, this will point out if the condom is torn, dry, stiff etc. If the wrapper is thorn throw it away.
5. Buy your condoms in bulk, condoms should be ready and beside you before getting an erection.

Place your condom either on the bed, chair, table etc. before the foreplay. This will make it easy to reach without cutting the fun.

6. Condoms are usually pre-lubricated, applying silicone lube can make the condoms great and add to the s3x experience.

Apply few drops on the tip of your penis or on the tip of the condom before rolling it on.

You can spread on the outside of the condom too immediately after wearing it.

7. Avoid using latex condoms with things that contain oil such as petroleum jelly (popularly called Vaseline), lotion, baby oil, butter, etc.

Using oil on latex condoms could lead to breakage.

How to Wear and Remove Male Condom Video Tutorial.

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