WhatsApp Admin Can Now Restrict Group Members From Sending Messages

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Finally, WhatsApp messenger added this feature that has been in the modified version, GBWhatsapp. WhatsApp has finally given group administrator the ability to prevent selected members from sending messages to the group.

Admins can restrict members

WhatsApp is a very popular messenger due to regulatory needs this feature has been added to the amazing WhatsApp Features. This latest capabilities of WhatsApp group Administrators is meant for control the level of participation of each members in the group.

Just like the Secondary School class monitor otherwise known as class captains, members can now be penalized for breaking the group rules. The Administrators can now decide to sanction group members for desired period of time.

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Therefore those restricted by the Group admin, won’t be able to send text, images, gifs, video, doc, zip and audio messages to the group.
The “Send Message Option” will currently follow the edit group option which was initially available under the Group Settings together with the same settings – “All Participants and Only Admins”.

Whatsapp Group Admins

All group participants would receive notification on the group developments via broadcast text messages, also the feature is still available to groups with just one administrator.

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Guidelines to Access WhatsApp Send Messages

Visit WhatsApp group where you are an admin and select Group info.
Select the “Send message” option and “only Admin”, “all participants” or cancel options will be revealed.

After the permission is changed, each participants will get a message notification in the group.
Whichever option was enabled would begin effects, if it was only admins can send message, then the message chat text bar would remain hidden. Only footer alerts indicating that users can’t send messages would be visible.

This latest WhatsApp feature is available on the WhatsApp beta v2.18.201 for Android and stable v2.18.70 on iPhone.
This feature will be made available on stable Android v 2.18.191 users and for Windows phones in no time.

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